Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rockall, EU-189 DX-pedition

It's still in an early stage of planning but a team has been assembled!
Rockall will be an Island On The Air for a couple of days june 2008.
Colin MM0NDX started with the idea just recently but has found Niko DD1MAT, Christian EC3ADC and George EC2ADN as team members. A climber is also ready to join the team.
Still a lot is needed to get this DX-pedition on the air so keep an eye on the website for updates.
An updated website will be launched soon.
Rockall Island
Rockall is a small islet about 450 km west of the Scottish mainland. It's about 20 meters high and 25 meters wide. In heavy weather the big waves go over the top!

I wish the team good luck in this great DX-pedition!


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