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To DXCC or not to DXCC

Every few weeks it pops up on the cluster again: Discussions on wether Soyer, 1B1AB is a pirate or the country does not excists.
Well, as far as I know Soyer has his amatuer license but he lives in a part of the world that is not supported by the ARRL, so it has no prefix on the DXCC list.
What are the criteria for getting on the DXCC list? In my oppinion the ARRL has criteria that are not as straight as it should.
Scarborough Reef has its own entity (BS7), but is it a country? Well, then why is Rockall (EU-189) not on the DXCC list?
After putting a flag on the bottom of the sea somewhere in the Northpole area by Russia, is a new DXCC entity a matter of time? If that will become a fact, Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus will need to be on the list as well as 1B1.
I wanna make a reservation for the DXCC list with 0A0 (zero-alpha-zero) for the small town I live in. No amateur has been active before from this part of the world, so that should be enough to be on the list. But only when it pleases the ARRL.
What I want to say with this all is simpjavascript:void(0)le: I have nothing against the ARRL and the DXCC list. Let's keep the Ham-spirit high and accept each other instead of argu about a simple list of prefixes.


Blogger Elmar said...


The last days the discussion about The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (1B) has escalated on by removing the account and info from Soyer, 1B1AB.
After complaints has descided not to wait until UN and ITU has resolved the situation. So all the Radio Amateurs are welcom on and will be listed.
That's a first good step in ham spirit!

August 19, 2007 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one subject that puzzles me for many years, I am sure DXCC panel must have a good reason before they include any entity to DXCC list.

Can anyone explain why Mount Athos (The peninsula of Holy Mountain Athos) in DXCC list, those who live there are monks living the monastic life. For children and women forbidden, only some men can pay visit to monastery with very special permission there is no residence other then monks yet it has a DXCC entity, same time has no prefix of they own announcement by any SV amateur SVXXXX/A MOUNT ATHOS good enough for DXCC !.
Since monks never gone become amateur radio operator why have DXCC entity?


The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) was formed on 15th November 1983. It is a parliamentary democracy under the President.

It covers an area of 3.355 sq km and has a population of just over 256,000, predominantly Turkish-speaking though English widely used in the main cities and resorts. The currency is Turkish Lira, traffic drive on the right, laws are base on to English and Turkish code of laws, amateur radio prefix is 1B.

Because of the commercial importance of its geographical situation in the Mediterranan,the island of Cyprus has, throughout history, been subject to colonisation. It was accupied consecutively by Egyptians, Hittites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Romanians, Byzantines, Lusignians, Venetians and, finally in 1571, Turks.

In 1878 the island was rented to Britain and in 1923, as part of the Peace Treaty of Lausanne, Turkey accepted the annexation of the island to Britain who, 1925. pronounced it a Crown Colony.

Greek Cypriots in Cyprus started agitating for the cessation of British governance in 1931. As a result of continuing violence, a Republic of Cyprus was created in August 1960; Britain, Greece and Turkey were guarantors of its independence.

From the outset, however, the Greek-dominated administration aspired to unite the whole island with neighbouring Greece, with the subsequent forced removal of Turkish Cypriots.

In 1974, after years of increasing oppression and violation of human rights of the Turkish population, the Turkish Government exercised its rights under the 1960 Treaty to despatch a military force to Cyprus to protect Turkish Cypriots.

The subsequent conflict resulted in a military stalemate, and in November 1983 the division of the island was formalised by the creation of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Attempts to reconcile differences and reunite island as a federation of two states have been made ever since, the latest initiative being the UN Annan Plan for reunification –In an island-wide referendum, however, 76% of Greek Cypriots rejected the Plan, while it was approved by 65% of Turkish Cypriots. Efforts to find a solution continues, without any encouragement from Greek part of the island, still 76% of Greek Cypriots opposing unity of North and South Cyprus.

73’s de 1B1AB Soyer Ecesoy

August 30, 2007 1:47 PM  
Anonymous 1B1AB said...


I'd like to discuss a few additional issues in respect of some of the information already provided. Firstly the DXCC list itself is a political list; just look at the principal requirements for DXCC status; UN recognition, ITU call-sign series or inclusion in (a) the U.S. Department of State's list of "Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty" as having a local "Administrative Center," or (b) the United Nations list of "Non-Self-Governing Territories. Now what constitutes inclusion on the State Department's List, as TRNC would seem to qualify? - the politics and foreign policy of a powerful, important and sovereign nation.

Now lets look at this "illegal" call-sign prefix 1B. The ITU Radio Regulations (Article 19 and Appendix 42) do not provide for any call-sign which starts with the figure 0 or 1 or where a single letter followed by a figure forms the national identifier; in this case the second character is never 0 or 1. There is therefore a clear problem for 1B BUT now lets consider some call-signs which we know and love, which are also a problem but no one raises even a whisper of concern about them. 1A - a DXCC entity listed as an unofficial call-sign in the DXCC list - note in this case the word 'illegal' or 'unauthorised' call-sign is not used. Then there is S0 another disputed territory but not as disputed as TRNC; again it is not using a call-sign series conforming to the Radio Regulations of the ITU. S0 is also listed as an unofficial call-sign in the DXCC list. So are some of us not being just a little hypocritical when complaining about the use of 1B by TRNC as an illegal call-sign?

In terms of problems of recognition TRNC has similar problems to Kosovo, Palestine, Taiwan and Western Sahara. In amateur circles we've already seen stirrings of discontent with the disputed (by some) independence of Kosovo in recent times. However in the case of TRNC, no one can dispute that the United Nations Security Council issued two resolutions (541 and 550) proclaiming that the Turkish Cypriot declaration of independence was illegal and requested that no other sovereign state should recognise the legality of the declaration and asked for its withdrawal.

So once we get into the world of politics and human relations things get blurred. Let us accept there are always international political problems in the World, whether its the politicisation of Antartica, who owns the Falklands/Malvinas, whether Macedonia should have a new name or whether the British Isles should be called the Western European Isles.

I for one wish the 1B licensees well - I understand that they are operating under difficult conditions but they are operating in accordance with the regulations of the State in which they live. I do not think that any person living in any of the disputed territories around the World should be denied the fun and enjoyment of operating an amateur radio station. I also understand the deep rooted problems between the two Cypriot communities but these need to be solved in an appropriate way through negotiation, NOT by invoking emotive statements in amateur radio news groups and email lists.

Best 73s to all

May 30, 2008 10:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the Northern Part of Cyprus was occupied by force military invasion in 1974, the new (pseudo) country was recognised only by Turkey and no other.
This is a big question and needs an ANSWER dear Soyer.
If that was right to do, then it would be recognised by UN etc.
After 26 years nothing happened about this.
Of course all movements are clever, giving great point to propaganda (that is your job) and for that i congratullate you.
But if you have so many common with Turkey, why not make a Union, a solid country. Already you have the same langauge, same rules, same religion, same current.
In that case you will have a legal Call sign with TA prefix.
Till now have passed 34 years from the Turkish invasion in Cyprus in 1974 and you will keep this condition, who knows after many years you will succeed.
I hope some day all inhabitants of this island find the way to a fair sollution for all.
Till then you live in an island with one recognised country. Your house is in a part of it that doesn't belong in reality and legacy. Your "country" (?) has not recognised, so it has illegal presency. Authorities is an illegal "country" are illegal and documents from these illegal authorities are illegal and of course MUST NOT ACCEPTED from us the radio amateurs.

November 28, 2008 11:37 PM  
Anonymous 1B1AB Soyer said...

I don't really understand you SV2GWY Demetrios why you hide your identity! by makeing QRM on amateur bands what is it you try to prove?
Do you think by doing all this wrong things will make 1B hams illegal. No sir 1B hams are legal we have our administration license we are legal in every respect. Just because you SV2GWY don't like our government does not make us illegal.

I am not a politician to answer your points about UN or other organizations point of views. Believe Dave EI3IO, G3SDL had a good answer to you "these need to be solved in an appropriate way through negotiation, NOT by invoking emotive statements in amateur radio news groups and email lists."

73's de 1b1ab Soyer

December 29, 2008 12:46 AM  
Blogger NRG said...

Cpt Soyer, till now I have never hided behind letters, or lies. When I want to say sth I will do it straight. I have never made QRM to you directly. Sth like that wouldn't help.
The only thing that I will do is to spot on DX cluster the following: . Every thought of mine is detailed there, and will give a differnet dimension (closer to reality)than yours.
Only spots nothing else. The anonymus signature doesn't belong to a man (=PALIKARI)!

Keep smiling,
de SV2GWY / Demetrius

January 18, 2009 2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobody is boycotting Taiwanese stations for having an unrecognised government. Nobody is boycotting radio amateurs from Transdniestria for operating from a de-facto state. Nobody is saying anything nasty about radio amateurs from Abkhazia or South Ossetia. The JARL was founded by illegal operators in Japan in 1926, but everyone was welcoming them with open arms full of friendship.

I seriously think that you, Greeks, should keep the nasty politics out of it, and LEAVE HIM ALONE IF YOU DON'T LIKE HIM.

SP9/M0GWJ Yoshi (ex-JF1GWJ)

February 14, 2009 2:33 PM  
Blogger Elmar said...

As some of the (anonymous) comments gets more and more political, I have decided to switch to moderated comments on this topic.

The discussion should be about when and why a new entry will come to the DXCC list and who decides this.

February 27, 2009 8:22 AM  

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