Thursday, August 2, 2007

Weird conditions

The last few days the conditions on HF went up and down very fast. Also very large differences between the Netherlands and Scotland (Colin, MM0NDX) at the same time and frequency. We noticed that on farious moments while we were in contact over the DX Cluster. Some stations came in 5/9 at Colin's QTH and almost nill here at my place.

Last night I heard LU3OE coming in 5/9 from Argentina and 20 minutes later VK3MO came in 5/7.
The Australian Ian kept a steady 5/7 with me but at Colin's QTH it started with a 5/9++++ and dropped down to a 5/3 within less than ten minutes. All happened on the 20m band.

So, I'll wait and see what the conditions will do tonight. At this moment 20 is still very quiet....


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