Sunday, June 10, 2007

Antennas from the air

While tuned to 3B7SP on 14.185 I'm surprised that there are still some operators that think these DXpeditions don't work split and they are the only one calling....
In the meantime I was flying around the world with Google Earth. When moving to the location of contest station PI4COM I saw the antennas can be seen on the satellite picture very well!
PI4COM location
So, if you want to check it out yourself with Google Earth, I made a kmz file which you can download here.


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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Working at the club station

JA6GCE AntennasLast night I have been at our local club station, PI4VAD. Because I don't have my license yet, this is the only opportunity to work some stations . When I was tuning the 20 m band I heard JA6GCE. On the next "QRZ?" I called back and... bingo! Worked Japan very easy! Later it became a big pileup on his frequency.
Today I Googled on his callsign and found out he has some nice antennas.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good work, Elmar..

..hope to work you in the big contests;)

Colin MM0NDX

June 10, 2007 7:30 PM  

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Tropical Cyclone Gonu

At this moment tropical cyclone Gonu is raging at the North East coast of Oman.
Sat pic of Cyclone Gonu
Radio Amateurs in Oman are using HF frequencies for emergency traffic.
On the DX Clusters other amateurs asked to keep these frequencies clear for emergency trafic:
A41NN 7000.0 06 Jun 07:03 A61Q A61Q/M ON 7068.0 STAND BY
A41MW 14290.0 06 Jun 06:59 7Z1CQ EMERGENCY NET A41OR/M A41NN/M
A41NN 14295.0 06 Jun 06:55 DB1JAW ------ PSE KEEP FREE ---
A41NN 14290.0 06 Jun 06:54 DB1JAW -- FOR EMERGENCY TRAFFIC
A41NN 14285.0 06 Jun 06:54 DB1JAW ------ PSE KEEP FREE ---

More info about the Cyclone on the Nasa website. Shown picture is owned and copyrighted by Nasa.

Update 13:10 UTC:
Some interesting links came across the DX Cluster:
Also check the website of Colin/MM0NDX

Update 12:00 UTC, BBC website:

EvacuatingCyclone hits Gulf state of Oman
Grey clouds over Muscat at Cyclone Gonu approaches
Muscat residents evacuated as storm clouds gathered
A powerful cyclone is passing near the Gulf state of Oman, bringing heavy rains to the capital, Muscat.

Tropical Cyclone Gonu is continuing north-west towards Iran but wind speeds have dropped to about 100mph (175 km/h).

Thousands of residents were evacuated from Oman's coast and the offshore island of Masirah. Hundreds have also been evacuated from the Iranian coast.

The storm is the most powerful in the region for 60 years.

The US military predicted that Gonu would become a "very weak" tropical cyclone over the next 48-72 hours.

But there were predictions that heavy rains could cause flash flooding by the time Gonu reached the south coast of Iran.

High waves

In Oman, people were told to stay indoors, while schools and public buildings were emptied to make room for the evacuees.

BBC Gulf correspondent Julia Wheeler says Gonu is bringing both strong winds and waves of up to 12m high (36ft).

Route of Cyclone Gonu
Low-lying areas have been evacuated. In the island of Masirah, 230km off the coast (140 miles), 7,000 people have left their homes.

In the coastal capital of Muscat, people have been advised to stay indoors and to switch off their power.

Schools have been designated as emergency shelters and the international airport is closed.

The most powerful part of the storm was expected to hit Oman on Thursday, before moving north across the Gulf to Iran.

Hundreds of people living in low-lying areas of Iran have been moved to higher ground amid warnings that the waning storm could bring heavy rain, flash floods and high waves.

An emergency official quoted by the AFP news agency said all people living close to the sea between the towns of Chahbahar and Konarak - a 25km (15 miles) stretch of coast - had been evacuated.

Reports say Cyclone Gonu is the strongest to hit the Arabian Peninsula since records started in 1945.

While crossing the Indian Ocean on Monday it reached the equivalent of a Category Five hurricane - the highest category available.


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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

A weekend in the field

Fieldday, Photo by Peter/PD1AJJ
Last weekend a few hams from the local club were camping out in the field. It's not a regular activity but a fieldday as I announced earlier.
The activities where not as I expected but it was nice.
Best QSO was with Argentina with only 10 watts on a small vertical. Why only 10 watts? Well because our special callsign was PA6QRP and we only6 worked QRP with that callsign.
The photo was taken by Peter/PD1AJJ.


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