Monday, January 21, 2008

Migrants saved by Italian Ham

location map (c) Goofle MapsA Ukrainian family of six, lightly clothed and in some cases barefoot, has been rescued after illegally trying to cross the Alps into Switzerland.
The family of asylum seekers, which included four children, had got lost near Monte Lema in the Italian-speaking southern canton of Ticino. Some suffered severe frostbite.
According to the Ticino police, the family was saved by the fact they were carrying a walkie-talkie.
Their appeals for help in English were picked up by an Italian amateur radio enthusiast, who alerted the police in Ticino on Sunday.
The Ukrainians, a mother of 47, her 21-year-old son, and four other children between the ages of nine and 15, were found in the late afternoon and taken to safety by helicopter.
Three were suffering from frostbite. None are in a life threatening condition, but the nine year old is at risk of having a foot amputated.



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