Monday, September 1, 2008

CEPT Novice Licencing Information

As I was searching the internet for information about the CEPT Novice Licence I found out that there is not a single website where all the details are collected. Even the European Radiocommunications Office Document Database website is not complete and on some parts it will give you the wrong information!

That's why I have started to collect all the information from the different countries. It will take much more time to get all the information from the different countries but I decided to publish what I have collected up untill now.
Every time I have the information about a country complete, I will publish it straight away.

So, visit my website again in the future if the information you're looking for is not here at this moment.
All the information about the CEPT Full Licence will follow as well.

You can find everything via my website .


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